Healthy Travel Tips: Keeping Fit and Practicing Mindfulness While On Your Big Adventure

Healthy Travel Tips: Keeping Fit and Practicing Mindfulness While On Your Big Adventure

Keeping Fit and practising mindfulness often go hand in hand, and undoubtedly change a person’s life for the better. Still, both these things are very hard to do when you are in a brand new country, or having a ball on a hectic travel routine. Let’s examine the best, and most efficient, ways to get these healthy travel practices happening when you are on the go in new and exciting places.

Let’s face it, travel, as fun as it is, can sometimes be extremely stressful, and a great way to get yourself in really bad shape both mentally and physically if you don’t make some time every day to tune yourself up a little. 

We get it though, you just want to travel, party on, and be inspired, and who cares about all that healthy stuff – why not just resume keeping fit and practicing mindfulness when you get back home? 

Aussies REALLY like to party, so make sure you make wellness a priority – when you’re not having fun!

Unfortunately your wellbeing doesn’t work like that, it waits for no one, and it can suffer just as badly while you are globetrotting as it would if you were totally inactive, or working a highly stressful 9 to 5. 

Long waits in airports (sometimes days at a time), baggage/passport/visa worries, scam artists, bad travel companions/roommates, overrated cities with unfriendly citizens, awful accommodation, dodgy cops, over-partying/indulging, terrible food, running out of money, and homesickness, are just a few minor examples of things to worry about while travelling, and that can have exceptionally adverse effects on your mental or physical wellbeing – and the list goes on, and on, and on. 

If you’re somehow immune to these things, you are a rare bird, and props to you, but most of us aren’t quite that resilient.

Here’s a thought: why not just get your healthy stuff done while you go about your day in a brand new setting? Believe it or not, whether any given day is stressful and exhausting or magical and surreal, it’s totally possible. 

Below we’ve compiled some of our staff’s most practical tips for keeping fit and practising mindfulness throughout your daily routine on the trip of a lifetime.

Get Your ‘Healthy Stuff’ Done While You Travel

You can find multiple creative ways and times to keep fit or practice mindfulness in any given day by making practical changes to your daily routine. Use the stairs rather than an elevator, or sneak a stretch routine in when you are bored silly in an airport waiting room. Meditate or do light breathwork any time you can get a moment to yourself in the plane/train seat. Every single day offers multiple opportunities, you just have to use your imagination and work with the varying situations thrown at you.

Walk or Jog Your New Area

Combine keeping fit with sightseeing, and when you’ve had a reasonable look around the area you are situated, and realised it’s safe, why not then take things a little further and get a regular run or walk in while you are there? It’s a great way to take in a new setting, because when you are planted on the ground in this manner you’ll undoubtedly see lots of things you would never see from a bus window, or with a tour group.

Limit Your Screen Time

Everyone has to get their daily fix on the phone or laptop, and it’s easy to get over-attached, or even addicted, to these devices when you are far from home. The sad thing is, you might not even be aware of the brilliant things you missed out on when you had your eyes on your screen, and who knows how many amazing people didn’t approach you because they thought you were occupied? The solution is simple, get ‘digital’ only when you need to – before going to bed and once during the day is best practice, and when meeting new people keep your phone tucked well away. Nothing screams ‘not interested’ much more than a person continually entranced in their hardware.


If you are near water, or at some sort of beachside paradise, why not combine your daily leisure paddles with some relatively strenuous laps or elongated strokes for time or distance? For a complete, full-body, low joint impact workout there are few activities that rival swimming, as it literally works every muscle in your body, and gets your cardiovascular system blasting in all the right ways. There’s no better way to keep fit!

Book Yourself Into a Class, Retreat, or Support Group

Instead of just touring museums and castles, or joining up with wild pub crawls, how about doing some online detective work and finding the most amazing exercise, support, or mindfulness groups in your temporary new home? It’s not hard, just get on Google and look up the gyms/practitioners/groups/retreats with the most stars, reviews, and vibrant and supportive community, then book yourself in. You’ll have a great time, keep fit, feel spectacular afterwards, and potentially meet a heap of new people.

Write Stuff Down

Keep that brain working, practice mindfulness, and make your memories permanent, by writing your experiences down on a daily basis. Or take it a step further and embark on some ‘mindful journaling.’ This is meditative writing that works by asking yourself why you feel a certain way (anger, happiness, frustration, love) writing it down, then letting it go. It makes you think on a different level to lounging on a beach or hanging out in a nightclub, and it’s always a great way to get in touch with yourself, and maybe let go of some of the baggage you are travelling to get away from in the first place?

Get Amazing Tips and Expert Wellness Help During Your Stay

Irina is Settle Inn’s dedicated wellness coach, covering Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. Every Thurs!

Here’s hoping you got something from the tips above, and also have a brilliant time while on your dream trip.

Whether you are an international student, a backpacker passing through, or even a brand new resident, you can actually get help with all the aspects mentioned above, and more.

There’s professionals that help people, just like you, for a living, and who are always happy to impart wellness knowledge and great advice. 

If you are in Melbourne Australia, the wonderful people at Settle Inn can help you with every single aspect of being new to Australia, and even have a wellness, mediation, and yoga expert permanently embedded in their staff. 

Welcoming, knowledgeable, and compassionate, the Settle Inn team (all from other countries themselves) have been where you are now, and can make your time in Melbourne a truly relaxing and enlightening experience.

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