Our awesome members do big work in our little neighbourhood every day.

Irina Riquelme,

Resident Fitness & Wellness Coach at Settle Inn

I am a passionate about group fitness & wellness, and with over 20 years of experience, and a wide range of noted clients, I am extremely versed in bringing happiness, mindfulness, and wellness to any workplace.

I run my own company – Fit&Delicious – and we come right to your workspace, delivering services such as group yoga, group meditation/mindfulness, cooking and nutrition, and group fitness.

All these things have been proven to bring increased productivity and happiness to your workspace, so please get in touch today if your employees or peers need a wellness boost! A wide range of plans and once-off options are available, and our prices are incredibly reasonable. 

bambam media, settle inn, social media manager, copywriter, journalist, Drew Germaine

Drew Germaine

Journalist, Copywriter, Content Specialist at BamBam Media

Drew is Settle Inn’s resident content creator, social media manager, advertising guru – and occasional web specialist. He runs an agency, BamBam Media, with a team of like-minded, hand-picked content specialists. 

Founder and head editor of BamBam Media, Drew is your first and last point of contact with any given project. He is a journalist, copywriter and editor with 10 years of experience. Friendly, to the point, and extremely knowledgeable on all elements of the content business, Drew can write world-class content of any description while making sure all your needs are met before, during, and after your BamBam Media journey.
His outside hobbies include gritty and innovative literature, staying healthy, and ultra-realistic martial arts. He also confesses to being an extreme movie, TV, and music addict, and ingests unhealthy doses of pop culture on a daily basis. Drew also enjoys what he calls his ‘life B’ and produces and performs electronic music by night, outside the bounds of office life, and will talk your ear off about Breakbeat or Drum & Bass given half a chance. 

Evrim Cam

Head Teacher, Online Business School

Evrim is the founder and headteacher of Online English School, where he designs, implements, and teaches a wide range of English courses from General English and Business English to IELTS, PTE, OET to learners from all levels throughout the world.
Evrim is a highly qualified English Language teacher. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature and ELT and a Master’s of Arts in TESOL from the University of Melbourne, along with many years of classroom experience in countries such as  Turkey, Canada, England as well as Australia, where he lives and works now. He has taught students of all ages and with very different needs. He has considerable experience in preparing students for IELTS, PTE, and OET helping thousands of test-takers to achieve their desired band scores. He is currently working as an English teacher at Chisholm Institute (TAFE) in Melbourne in Australia, as well as teaching students online. Evrim has been teaching English for over 18 years with a holistic approach. He has been incorporating the Natural Approach, Multiple Intelligences, Content and Language Integrated Learning, (CLIL), and learning styles in his classes to cater to different types of learners. He sees his online classroom as a school community with no boundaries, where he helps learners to immerse themselves in English through comprehensible and meaningful input as they progress from one level to another to acquire the English language naturally. With the help of his unique way of teaching, Evrim has helped tens of thousands of learners to acquire and learn English for academic, travel, employment, and business purposes.


Head English Teacher at IELTS by Neil

Head teacher of IELTS by Neil, our good friend Neil is a one-stop-shop for all your English tuition needs. 

I completed my studies in English at MIT Melbourne. I used to work as supervisor at a Auto company, but it was not for me. Teaching always felt right. 
Finally I decided to quit, and started doing what I enjoy the most – teaching. Life is too short to do the things we don’t take any pleasure in.
At school I scored 90 out of 90 in my PTE speaking, which is equivalent to 9 bands in IELTS speaking. I am Head teacher of IELTS by NEIL and I enjoy every bit of it. I provide training for IELTS, PTE and OET from beginner to advanced level.
What makes us different is that our classes are exceptionally fun, and based on the latest English teaching techniques rather than old traditional boring classroom lessons.
My aim is to help more and more people by providing them best value for time and money with GREAT English lessons. 

Elizabeth Silby

If you want to learn some quick and basic makeup techniques, master a certain look or just have some fun, then Elizabeth is your girl! New Zealand born Elizabeth first started her makeup journey while travelling the UK. 

She is now super excited to be bringing her skills and knowledge to Melbourne to share with you!

Swapnil, App Developer / Designer

I am looking forward to build you an empowering brand identity. I have 5 years and above experience. I can take any given work with dedication and prove to put in my best to benefit you.

Feel free to contact me at any time of the day. Your complete satisfaction is my highest priority.

El Mercado

Latin Market

El Mercado, which translates into English as ‘The Market’ is brainchild of two great Colombian friends, Natalia and Cindy, who have a dream of helping Latin entrepreneurs grow their businesses, ideas, and dreams.

This market offers lots, to both buyers and stall holders, and the El Mercado family is already growing rapidly, offering a wide range of products such as: Handmade, Beauty & Skincare, Lingerie & Underwear, Fashion, Sports Apparel, Plants & Flowers, Food & Dessert, Zumba and MUCH more.
El Mercado is now a regular, and successful, fixture at Settle Inn, so if you are interested in running a stall there, or finding out the next date, get in touch ASAP, and we’ll put you in touch with Nat and Cindy. They’d love to have you as part of their ever-growing Latin family! 

Mathieu Jezegou

Do you want to go in a road trip with a safe car?
My expertise in car mechanics will get you there.
Feel free to contact me for any mechanics repairs, checking your 4×4 or van before purchase. Good price guaranteed!

BurgerLove, St Kilda

When it comes to the perfect burger for you, BurgerLove has it sorted! Simply pick one of their fantastic menu or create your own!

11A/60 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
03 9077 0028


We are a Colombian couple very proud of our Latin roots. This is why we created LaTshirt: Latino inspired clothing brand. We make customised T-shirts by hand. They are designed, printed, packed and posted from Melbourne Australia.

St.Aple by Staple Food

Plant based St Kilda cafe and wholefoods grocery store. We also roast our coffee ourselves

Specialty coffee and eatery – ALL plant based! Order delivery by phone. We also sell tempeh and coffee on our website. All vegan except for dairy drinks.
2a/60 Fitzroy St (at Tram stop 132 on the 96 tram line ), St KildaVictoriaAustralia
Ph: 0433 416 317

St.Aple is but just one facet of our food operation, and we also offer an online health food service called ‘Staple.’
Check it out here…

We can fill up your pantry with the best products ~ we have organic, gluten free, keto, paleo, gut-health, vegan confectionary, tempeh, coffee, vegan pastry, and many – many more! 

Alexandra Schaefer

Tutor and mentor at Settle inn

I work independently as an English tutor and mentor, helping people improve their levels of English so they feel confident, especially in the workplace.
I grew up in Sydney and have always been very interested in other cultures and bridging the gaps between them. I have travelled quite a lot and lived overseas in the UK, where my family come from.

Purple Panda Massage

After a few years working in Hospitality as a Chef in different part of France, I’ve been to Asia twice and especially in India to learn Ayurveda, the traditional natural medicine and massage techniques.
By combining ancient techniques like Thai Massage, Marma points and more, as well as modern understanding of the human body like Anatomy, Diet, etc…, I make sure to find with you the most efficient and personalized massage session according to your needs and wants, using a selection of oils adapted to your mood and your health at this particular time. I use massage therapy as a key to unlock body and mind in order to let tensions, stress, fatigue, and trauma-memories flow away while letting relaxation, mindfulness, and positive thoughts fill-in. With these sessions, I help you to recover this natural state of self-healing and to open a time frame in which you can think only about yourself, and your well-being.

Cavas Coaching

Leadership Coaching for Women

Carolina Vargas is an accomplished Career Coach who moved to Australia to master the art of speaking English, approximately eight years ago.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Carolina fronts CAVAS Coaching, and has created a platform to inspire women towards following their dreams and creating their own reality. Carolina firmly believes that everything starts when we connect with our true selves.⠀

Book a discovery call today HERE

Matter Market Australia

Australia’s very first Closed Loop Supermarket. Our goal is to make the Zero Waste movement “The New Normal” by making it accessible, easy inclusive and affordable for everyone.
Community over Cliques. Genuine impact over “influence” Matter Market’s efficient Closed Loop system allows everyone to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating single use plastics from every single grocery shop and reduce emissions by combining their multiple online eco stores deliveries and refill returns, bulk store purchases, farmers market and grocery shopping needs all in one place.

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