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You are in exceptionally good hands at Settle Inn, as the founder, Wilson Bauguil, has first-hand experience of everything that you are going through, and brings an extraordinary skill set of compassion, wisdom, and cultural knowledge to help you thrive throughout your new Australian adventure.

Born in Colombia, Wilson and his older brother were adopted out to French parents when he was only 5 years old, relocating continents entirely to Taverny in the north-west suburbs of Paris.

Life in this strange new country proved exceptionally challenging for the young brothers, as they had to learn a whole new language and fully adapt to a completely foreign way of life that was often hectic, confusing, and more than a little scary.

They adjusted slowly but surely over the years, becoming fluent in the language, and fully adapting to their new culture, but unfortunately life threw them few handouts. Throughout their youth the boys moved over 20 times, living all over France, and enduring numerous hardships and difficulties as they grew into young men.

Being a people person, Wilson made lots of friends in these turbulent times, as things weren’t always bad, but the continual moving from place to place never allowed him to make truly lasting connections, or set down real roots – and this was something he longed for.

As a result of this forced lifestyle, and a family life that was often tumultuous, Wilson began to dream of something bigger and better, and knew he had to get out there. Deep in his heart he knew that life could be much more than this, and he was right.

Eventually beginning studies in business management, then several years later getting his qualification, Wilson knew it was now or never. In 2012, at 22 years old, with barely any money, and an admittedly very poor command of English, he said goodbye to France forever, moving to Australia to chase down his dreams of a much better life.

On arriving, he quickly deducted things would not be easy, and that he would have to work exceptionally hard to make something of himself in this new place, as welcoming and friendly as it was.

He went through numerous up and down situations over the next several years, working extremely hard in a wide variety of manual jobs (delivery man, cleaner, butcher), and eventually even knuckled down to study, getting himself a diploma of leadership and management.

Lots of times during the course of this initial Australian experience he felt like giving up, but he had seen the bad side of life, and knew that he had been given an exceptional gift in being able to live and work in this beautiful new place, and kept himself driven by focusing on his long-term goals.

He eventually fell on his feet, getting a job within the Jewish community, in which he was accepted into their way of life entirely. It was there that he finally saw how a happy and organised community truly worked, with their selflessness and wisdom deeply inspiring him. It was through these realisations of how good life could be, that his strong desire to help others in similar situations was born.

Now, after all this hard work and toil, and never giving up hope, Wilson is the proud founder and hands-on manager of his own unique and ever-changing community: Settle Inn. He helps people, just like you, make connections and establish themselves in a brand new world, and does it all from the brilliantly welcoming and highly social Settle Inn facilities, located in the heart of the beautiful beachside Melbourne suburb of St Kilda.

“I want to share with you the opportunity to begin a brand new life in Australia, and show you a place that is welcoming, tolerant, and filled with opportunity. I am here to guide you and support you with all aspects of your adventure, and assist you in achieving all your goals.”
Wilson Bauguil – Settle inn Founder


Located in the heart of the beautiful beachside suburb of St Kilda, Settle Inn is a warm and welcoming place that gives International Students, Travellers, Freelancers, and New Residents help with Networking, Mentoring, Language Skills, Accommodation, and LOTS more. If you would like a fantastic start to your Australian adventure you have come to the right place. Let Wilson and the wonderful people at Settle Inn get you ‘settled in.’

For $20 a month (no-contract), you get everything below, with more being offered all the time.

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Think you need these services and some heartfelt help with your Australian adventure? Get in touch today, and the amazingly friendly staff at Settle Inn will show you the best way to get things started.

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