Settle Inn is a warm and welcoming place for travellers, international students, and new residents to develop additional skills and meet like minded people, providing you with everything you need to make a fantastic start in Australia.

Social Interaction: Settle Inn is a highly social environment, and you can’t help but meet people after walking in the door..

Accommodation: We can help you find cheap and safe places to stay throughout Australia

Job Opportunities: We have access to a network of companies and local businesses that can provide starter jobs for our members


Why Use Settle Inn?

It’s simple, Settle Inn is a better way to start, and really, why come to a brand new country, with a vastly different culture, and disadvantage yourself by not getting some real help ‘settling in’ from the very first day you arrive? The brilliant staff at Settle Inn have all experienced every migration, accommodation, and ‘new life’ issue you could possibly imagine, and with their expert help you will find yourself safe, sound, and surrounded by like-minded people within days, instead of months.
Settle Inn offers limitless opportunities and a fantastic array of services, unmatched by anyone else in the country. Try us and see!
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Settle Inn Can Find You Amazing Rural Employment To Extend Your Visa

Travellers just like you started their farm work  with Settle inn.  

⁠We give you the highest quality start  

Want to know how ?  

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